Be Happy. Be Healthy. EVERYDAY!

We ALL have that dream of living the life that only YOU can imagine.

What is it? Seriously, write it out and tell me.

It took me a long time to be able to sit down and write it out – it seems like it would be easy, but I had to think back to when I played as a kid and came up with all these different scenarios of my life, they all aligned with the same dream.

– Happily married.
– Children.
– House’s of my dreams – yes, plural.
– Beautiful at home office/library.
– Working from home as an author.

Somewhere around fourteen/fifteen – I lost sight of that vision. Money was a struggle at home and I knew that it limited me from achieving what I wanted – so that focus, that dream, got lost in the hustle. I started working right after I turned 16, I started working two jobs at 17, all while nannying and going to school.

I put my dreams on hold. I put myself on hold. I got stuck chasing someone else’s dream – I got stuck in that mindset for ten years and it took hitting the all time low of my depression while seven months pregnant to make the decision that I MATTER TOO.


At that point in my life, I was working without breaks for fourteen hours a day and i did it for 63 days in a row while six to seven months pregnant.

After I got my diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, my husband found me on the floor in our closet contemplating suicide – the only thing that held me back was because I needed to bring this baby into the world as healthy as can be.

This was the turning point in my life.

I started to look for something to help with my blood sugar and came across Shakeology. It has enzymes that break down sugar and has a low glycemic index – so I ordered one bag – refusing to sign up for the subscription – but 11 days after I had my first shipment delivered, I signed up to be a coach and have Shakeology sent to me regularly each month.

What happened in those eleven days?

– I was taken off of insulin.
– I was taken off of calcium and iron.
– I had new found energy.
– I lost 6 pounds.

What happened when I became a coach?

– I found ME.
– I gained FRIENDS.
– I saw my DREAMS.
– I changed my life.

I don’t make the healthiest decisions everyday – hell, I’m writing this on The Fourth of July after eating fried chicken and drinking a beer, but each day, I work towards bettering myself and my overall health and happiness.


That’s what I do as a coach – help others better their own health and happiness EVERYDAY!

Want to work with me?

E-mail me the answer to my question above.

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