One Pan Meal!

Move over Hamburger Helper!


Over the past few years I have heard a lot of people say how they use Hamburger Helper as a meal because it’s cheap, easy, and fast.

I understand needing a quick and easy meal, I am a busy mom. Coming home from work, you want to make the most of your time with your family – not just going from one job to another.


Kaleb joins me in the Kitchen. He helps me cook, prep, or even doing dishes. It’s a great way for me to enjoy him and his company while still making a good nutritious meal for my family.


Honestly, it does take longer to cook with Kaleb – but that quality time I get with him during that moment is totally worth it!


Hamburger Helper is known for their one pan casseroles – it has everything in one little box and all you have to add is a limited amount of ingredients and BAM! You serve dinner in thirty minutes with limited dishes! Yet, it’s filled with preservatives and enough salt to bloat a cow!

This is my way of making that simple meal, with fresh ingredients, and spending less than what that little box and a pound of meat cost.

ONEPANCASSEROLEThis recipe is so versatile! You can easily adjust you grain, your meat, and your veggie and make it into your ideal meal!

For this dish, I had left over Ham from Christmas, Broccoli on hand from my Full Circle Delivery, and two different kinds of pasta noodles.

But I have made it with rice and quinoa, I have used pea, broccoli, spinach, and Kale and it’s delicious everytime and also changes the meal each time.

Let me know how you like it!

If you share this on social Media, use #MindsetReset #RealFood and tag me @kaabriinaa – I want to see how it turns out!

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