Confessions of a Test Group Participant

I got accepted into a test group for a new program that will provide a FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION!

Results from the first test group. 

Who can say no to that?! I mean, look at those results! 

This program utilizes Timed Nutrition with its meal plan – which I have been trying out for the last couple weeks and I’m really excited for this.

Being a food addict, an emotional eater, and a binge eater – when it comes to food I always have a hard time with it and also a hard time with recognizing when I’m hungry…I know that sounds weird, but it’s the truth – For years I have fed myself when I have felt depressed, anxious, happy, bored and even tired. Now, with taking control of my eating habits – I don’t know when I’m hungry until I’m starving and end up binging.

What I have noticed within the last couple weeks with following this meal plan when it’s time to eat, my body is absorbing all the nutrients and it leaves me feeling good. I mean, really good.

I don’t have that heavy feeling in my stomach, I’m not tired, I’m not needing a nap, I’m just simply feel good. Does that make sense?

To prepare for this program – I actually had to do a big self evaluation, I actually used my Goal Setting Worksheet to get myself in the perfect mindset to tackle this program and I have also taken a goal I was pushing for off the table.

My before pictures. 

I was training and preparing myself to complete a 15K – it was something that was truly pushing me physically and mentally and I WILL eventually complete a 15K, but not right now. When I was younger I really messed up my knees and sometimes they flare up to remind me to stop and take care of myself a little. With the invitation for this program coming in, I decided to shelf the 15k and commit myself to this journey 100%.

This means I need be prepared.

All the equipment I need is here.
My schedule is created.
Now, the big part, FOOD.

I’m doing the biggest prep I think I have ever tried to do.
Like I said, I’m committed.

With past programs I have had a hard time eating so much, I know how you need to consume enough calories to not only keep your body functioning but to also lose the weight needed.

As I have learned from the Creator of this program, the reason were utilizing timed nutrition is to get maximum absorption of the nutrients – which make a HUGE difference and I have noticed simply in the last couple weeks just how beneficial it is for my body.

Get my Meal Plan here.

My Recipes here. 

My journey will be documented weekly here. I will share the struggles, the success, my progress, and my Weekly Meal Plans and recipes.

For anyone wanting to participate in this program, fill out this form, and I will get back to you to add you into my personal fitness and accountability group.

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