The Secret To Finding Motivation.

I was recently speaking with a potential client and they said to me, “I really enjoy watching your journey – but I could never do it.”

There are a lot of excuses, A LOT. They are ALL valid – but I decided to address this publicly to everyone who needs to hear this. In fact we all need to hear it.

When I started my journey, I was in the deepest pit of depression – I wouldn’t exactly say I was suicidal because I couldn’t go through it myself, but I did wake up every single morning hoping something would happen to end my existence.

The worst part of it all was the fact that I was 7 months pregnant. I wanted nothing more than to have a healthy and happy baby – though everything I did, didn’t seem to work – it’s because I was focused on the wrong things and I was searching for myself and my self worth in everyone and everything and then justified it as doing it for my baby.

In your third trimester you have to do this disgusting test to check your blood sugar. I failed. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I was given a diet and I followed it completely – but it wasn’t enough I then had to inject insulin, every night.

That’s when I hit rock bottom.

I worked fourteen hour days.
I weighed 287 pounds.
I have gestational diabetes.
I was passed up for a promotion.
My marriage was suffering.

While sitting on the floor in the closet, I started looking for answers. I knew if I couldn’t bring a child into this world and have him feel the way I did and that I needed to do something if not for me, but for him.

I started to drink a magic supplement that gave me all my daily nutrients and suddenly my body started to retain them, leading me to stop taking my prenatal vitamin, my calcium pills, and those H U G E  iron pills and just take folic acid.

Drink my vitamins? Sign me up! 

Ten days later, I was taken off of insulin, my energy level boosted and I started exercising.

By the time I gave birth I had lost 16 pounds, said Good Bye to the pills, said Good Bye to the insulin and said Hello to a Healthy 7lb 15oz baby – who had no effects from the gestational diabetes.

While I worked to better MYSELF, I improved the health of mine and my child. My marriage started to thrive because I wasn’t lost in my misery and my job – well, I can thank The Universe for turning me down for numerous promotions because I started to ask myself what I wanted and what I enjoyed and I started to take the steps to pursue my passion.


Know what you’re working towards.

You don’t need to know how you will get there, you just need to believe that you will get there.

There is always an excuse and they are ALL valid – but when you know that feeling of what it will feel like when you achieve your goal, you will still do what needs to be done to achieve it.

On a day to day basis we eat, drink water, work, etc. because we know we need to survive – if your goal is important to you, it will come alive and you will work for it like an act of survival.

You can utilize this FREE GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET to make your goal clear, connected to emotion, and come alive so when life happens, you will know WHY you’re pushing yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Secret To Finding Motivation.

    1. Thanks! Yes exactly! I actually have my goal written out into great detail – it’s this vision of my dream house and this feeling of absolute perfection. Everytime it gets tough, I read that little note and it fires me back up to stay focused. 🙂

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