I was anxious to start – the prep was all prepared and all I had to do was get up and do it – but man oh man that was the longest wait for me!

**Above are pictures of some of the meals I ate throughout the week.**

Monday, was amazing – the food was tough to eat at first – it wasn’t that it tasted bad – it was just A LOT! Being an emotional eater – if I’m happy and there is no problems – I won’t eat. I don’t even realize that I am hungry. I definitely noticed how the timed nutrition helped with me eating and my body continuing to stay fueled with all the correct nutrients that I needed at each time and honestly, I felt better now, that I have with any other program.

Emotional Eating came back to haunt me Tuesday night – I was upset and I NEEDED to eat – I mean, I couldn’t even go to sleep because my mind was telling me I needed food. Instead of giving into the need to binge, I started to read my current Personal Development book, Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein, with in that book I instantly came across the passage, “When you are in a negative situation – pray for the other person to have the life you imagine.”

A Post Workout Meal.

When I read that, I just followed and instantly started praying for them. I spoke of my goals of finding my self worth, I spoke of my health goals, my family goals, my financial goals. The whole time praying for them to receive those goals. By the end of my prayer – I felt fulfilled. I was no longer hungry and I was able to sleep. 

Wednesday was the Mac Daddy of days – the workouts are tough, I definitely feel EVERY single muscle – but I was still reeling off of the personal development work for the night before and I pushed – I decided to NOT modify the workouts, I even managed to do push ups on my toes! I mean, what?! It was absolutely amazing and really was an encouraging push. This is also the hardest day for everyone – especially if you are going through the detox – I created this post with tips that help my clients get through the detox and keep pushing because once you get through day three – it’s a lot easier to push through the program, rather than quitting. 

By setting up everything the night before it made it easier for me to simply just go through the motions,

By the time Thursday hit, I was getting quiet – I was noticing the differences in my body – which was awesome, but also I noticed the differences in my body and that was tiring. I use the performance line and so I’m not really sore – but from simply sitting up in the chair – I would get tired and needed to lay down. I definitely spent a lot of this day working from my bed while kaleb watched cartoons. It was exactly what I needed because the next day would be a tough one.

LEG DAY, LEG DAY, LEG DAY! Leg Day is tough – now, my right knee – it’s bad, I have hurt it many times, it has limited cartilidge and is quite weak, but I still work it to build it up. My left foot – it’s bad, I fractured it right before a competition and didn’t get it set, so I could compete in the competition, well – it started to heal and now I have a hard time with it – but like my knee, I continue to build up my strength to get it done! I know my legs are strong and can do a lot of things – but I also know that I have to take it easy on moves regarding this problem areas. While going through this workout today I came up with a new goal to be able to hold weight while doing curtsy lunges.


I stuck to the same schedule as the week on Saturday – I felt really good! Plus it was the shortest workout of the week – but it was the hardest workout of the week. We had a really busy day despite that – I was able to stick to my schedule and meal plan and finished the day feeling so proud and accomplished! I had finished the whole week – with only missing one container – I felt pretty badass.

Then came Sunday – This is our rest day, a self care day, a meal prep day. We still follow the timed nutrition with specific combinations  – but it’s not during the week when you have the workout – somehow I let it get away from me. I didn’t eat until 2pm, then I ate three of the planned meals, but missed out on two. I appreciate this – because going through this process I notice just how much the Timed Nutrition is beneficial to me and helps me stay on track – but also just feel good – for the next weeks, I’m going to set timers for when to eat like I do during the week and I know that will definitely help me.

Eating soup is easy to get in all the containers without it being overly heavy.

Overall, I love this program! I love tracking my progress and being able to see what happened and why and figuring out what I can do to overcome this. I won’t be checking my stats until next week – but I did take this picture and I’m so shocked by the changes that I am seeing already!!!

Going into week two I’m looking forward to push myself more and more and to learn to love and appreciate my body more and more everyday.



Anyone wanting to join me on my journey fill out this form. There are many programs that we offer – so if you’re reading this and thinking it might be a little too much for you – don’t worry, we will find the right program for you.
If you are wanting to do this program that I am doing – I will suggest using our performance line as well because it makes a HUGE difference, some people in my test group aren’t using it and are already putting in their orders for some because they are so sore.

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