Having Trouble With Your New Program?

Many clients have told me during the first week of their program, “I got sick – I have to postpone my start.”

Then when I went through old journal, yes, I keep them, I noticed how I went through the same things, I would get sick everytime I changed my diet and it would derail my process.

There had to be some kind of connection – I honestly never realized it until I went through caffeine withdrawal and I was explaining my symptoms to my mom and she thought it was flu, but I knew that it was lack of caffeine – then that got me thinking….

A lot of the time when you are starting a new program, you are changing the way you eat and when you are eliminating sugar or processed foods, your body will start to withdrawal, add in exercise and drinking half your bodyweight in water – your body will start to detox and it’s going to feel like an illness.

Your body will ache, you will be congested, your mind could be foggy and you’ll be exhausted.

Of course, I want for my clients to get the best results possible and also to listen to their body and take care of themselves. So I came up with some tips to pass through the ‘detox’ process as quickly as possible without giving your program.

When you sleep your body is able to heal. Even doctors will put someone into a coma to be able to heal their patient. It’s recommended to get 8 hours of sleep a night. I usually only sleep 6 hours and will naturally wake up, I will then just read a book for the next two hours and do what I can to stay fully relaxed – best thing I do as well is keep the electronics off. I even leave my cell phone in another room and just use an old fashioned alarm clock.

Drinking water is important! By having water going through your body it helps move out all the toxins. It’s suggested to drink half your body weight in water – it can be tough at first, but just keep trying and soon it will be the easiest thing.
*Add fruit, vegetable, or herbs to enhance the taste. Ex: Lemon, Cucumber, mint, etc.

When I’m doing a program – especially my first time doing that program I always honor myself with a 15 minute epsom salt bath at least three nights a week – if not more. Anytime I’m feeling a little sore, I make sure to take one. *Be sure to rinse off the salt in the shower afterwards.*
Once a week I have a 30 minute soak in Ginger & Peroxide.

I know it’s tough and you want those yummy comfort meals – but if you stick to your meal plan, you will continue to feel better.

Take time for you, meditate, journal, pray, read. Whatever it is, do it and clear your mind – you would be surprised how much a mindset can impact your physical health. Take time to center yourself daily and handle what you can within your own control, let go to what you can’t.

The most important part – trust the process. Anytime you do something new – your body is going to be shocked and will try to resist it at first. This is where you really need to focus on your mindset, your goals, and to know what your pain point is.

Which hurts more: Detoxing for three days or living forever wanting to do it – but ‘can’t.’

You can do anything you put your mind to, if you find yourself struggling and need support to reach your goals – feel free to e-mail me and I would love to help!


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