Who is to blame anyways?

Blame or fault is an answer to a question but many confuse it as solution to a problem.

When I was working as a Manager I experienced this firsthand. I had an employee who would always show up late and their excuse was, “It’s my parents fault, I’m late.”

I worked with high school students and I took it as my responsibility to teach them what it means to have a job. Instead of ignoring the situation or instantly firing them, I took as an opportunity to help them problem solve the situation.

“What can you do when your parents are running late?” 
– Tell them an earlier time. Take public transportation. Call a friend. 

Sadly, that didn’t work, there were excuses at every suggestion and eventually I did end up letting that employee go.

The result will forever stick with me, the employee didn’t feel like it was fair, nor did their parents. I ended up getting calls, texts, and e-mails telling me what I did was wrong because it wasn’t the employees fault it was the parents.

Luckily, my company had my back and put a stop to the harassment and supported my decision ten fold but the lesson I learned from the experience has and will stick with me forever.

By giving blame or placing fault on someone else it shifts the responsibility to someone else – but it’s not always that persons responsibility to take and you still have to live with the consequence.

When I apply this to life, I can blame others for making my day horrible – but it doesn’t apply. It’s their action that created my reaction but it’s my reaction that results in my day.

Does that make sense?

It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to take care of YOU no matter what at the end of the day it’s going to be you and your opinion of yourself. Don’t let someone come and change that.

Tony Robbins teaches that when you blame someone for something – you can’t pick and choose what they take as their responsibility. When you blame them for the being late your job, you need to blame them for everything. You need the put it all on their plate.
I blame you for being late.
I blame you for not getting me a car.
i blame you for not getting my license.
I blame you for not passing the test.
I blame you for not studying.
i blame you for getting my job,
I blame you for getting my hours.
I blame you for getting a weekly paycheck.
I blame you for buying my video games.
I blame you for buying me clothes.
I blame you for the new shoes.
I blame you for the food that I eat.

The list can go on and on.

You have to decide to take ownership of the situation, of your feelings, or your emotions if you don’t then your giving it up to someone else to make the decisions for you.

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