Food Allergies, are they even real?

One thing that frustrates me is when people say, “There is no such thing as food allergies.” Yes, Brenda, they are.

This is what happens to me when I eat items that I am sensitive too. The downfall is I don’t know what it is that is affecting me right now.


I usually follow a dairy free pescatarian diet – but I have been adding a lot of different meats back into my diet and even though I am just consuming a little at a time – it’s resulting in a HUGE reaction.

In this picture you notice the redness all over my face, my skin and scalp is dry and flaky and every morning I wake up feeling hungover; I have a headache, my head is foggy, and I want to throw up and have no appetite for food.

Have you ever shared your diet or your eating habits to someone and have them judge you? It happens ALL THE TIME! Almost a year ago I went completely plant based and I was told how it wasn’t healthy, I needed more to survive, it wasn’t going to last and my favorite, “How can you do that to your family?” I was shocked because it was my own choice and I wasn’t eating that much differently than I already was – also I wasn’t telling anyone that they needed to eat the way I did – and my family, they still eat meat.

When you are on a fitness journey – if you have a food allergy it can greatly affect your results. Think about when you get a splinter – the affected area swells because your body sends fluid to the area to try and heal the injury and push out the splinter. The same thing happens at any part of your body. If you are consuming food that your body doesn’t respond well too, it will flood your intestines with fluid, to heal your body creating bloat and swelling. Also your body will be stressed trying to fix itself and under stress one of the first thing that you shut down to save energy is digestive enzymes. Starting the annoying weight loss circle we all end up on at some point.

Digestive Enzymes are what keeps you absorbing the nutrients your body needs – as those go away, your body stops absorbing nutrients, and then you start to crave them holding on to everything you consume.

I’m utilizing my own form of an elimination diet to determine what exactly I am eating that is affecting me and make the right adjustments to my diet. I have done an elimination diet in the past – so I will be going off of the information I have from that test and then eliminating the items that I don’t have information on and seeing those reflects. There is great information on The Elimination diet here. As for a food journal I use the Fitness Edition of The Happy Planner. I really like the layout and how easy it is to customize it.

Get your planner here!

I document everything I eat and how it makes me feel during the time I am eating and how i feel afterwards. I notice any emotional, mental, and physical changes the good, the bad, and indifferent.

Let me know if you would like my journal prompts for food journaling!

Despite everything, I am sticking with my test group participation. The meal plan that we have is really easy to adjust for different allergies. The only difference that I will probably make it switching over to the Vegan meal plan for Phase Three. I only have one week left in Phase Two and the majority of my meals already planned out – I will be removing some items from them, continuing with dairy free meals, but I will also be eliminating pork and chicken. (The last two items i have added back into my diet.)

The results that I have gotten already have been amazing, but once I take out the right allergen from my diet, I know it will be even better! To be finishing off this program with my diet finally figured out and the strength that I have gained to shred out the last 30 days will be even better!

If you are looking into changing your health and fitness habits, I would love to talk with you and find the best program and meal plan that works for you!

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