Cinco De Eato.

I thought of naming this post Cinco De Drinko – but I don’t drink.

Instead this is my post on how I celebrate this lovely holiday that is pretty much dedicated to tacos and tequila and yet stay on track with fitness journey!


First and foremost – what is Cinco De Mayo? Why do we celebrate it?

Many people believe or think that this holiday The Mexican Independence Day, which is actually September 16th, in fact Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of The Mexican Army’s Victory over The French Empire.

In America, it’s a celebration of The Mexican-American culture!

As a Pacific Islander American, I can relate to the Mexican-American culture. How to embrace being an American and learning how to fit in, but keeping your culture alive and well in home and sharing it without judgement, but lets be real – there is judgement.

My mom is white and I was raised by her and my white dad. The customs of the islands were not alive in my household. I didn’t understand the fact that I was different because I thought that I was white. I thought I was American.

By celebrating the cultures of the people that make up the American race, it gives a piece of home. It provides a camaraderie between citizens, it allows us to know that we are NOT alone. We do fit it, We are Americans.

As an adult I have began to embrace the cultures of my people and it comes to me so naturally, I have began to participate in the celebrations, the cultural center, and I feel so much more grounded to understanding who I am.

By seeing other people who look like me and are successful and embrace their image without insecurities, eat their banana’s soaked in coconut milk, enjoy taro and devour every little piece of meat from a crab without ever using those weird little tools they provide. It provides you with a confidence and sense of security of who you are. Something I spent so many years searching for.

Even though, I am not Mexican or live their culture – I fully support and partake in this holiday because I believe in the importance of celebrating all the cultures that make up the American Race.

To celebrate to day were simply just going to enjoy the time with family. No big Party Plans, but we are FOR SURE going to enjoy some of these delicious treats that are ALL meal plan approved!

Black Bean Tacos

Horchata Shake

Turkey Chili

Tortilla Chips

These tortilla chips have been the saving grace for me during my 80 Day Program!

Cut up corn tortilla, brush on some Olive Oil and broil for about 5 minutes.
Sprinkle some Pink Himalayan Salt, enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy these delicious recipes and have a happy and safe Cinco De Mayo!

Until Next Time!

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