Introvert Confessions.

I have allowed the distractions of life take advantage of me and until recently when I was facing exhaustion, seriously, like a celebrity – it’s real.

This year has been my time to find myself and I feel as though I was doing really well and then all of a sudden my time management flew out the window and I allowed myself to make up the time by allowing my time, my personal time, my personal bubble to pop.

Being an introvert, I need my personal time. My time spent alone is the time I need to recharge. Without it the walls of this round world start to close in on me and my anxiety soars through the roof. I lose all sense emotions, security, and honestly, my own sense of self.

My husband is the complete opposite of me he needs the people around him to fill up his energy, a true extrovert. He doesn’t understand why I start to get so overwhelmed and frustrated and unable to understand whats going on with myself, but luckily after nearly a decade together he knows exactly what to do.

Instead of ignoring my breakdown and my annoying cries of frustration at anything I could find. He gets me some coffee, makes some popcorn, tucks me into bed with a book and leaves with my son. If that wasn’t enough, he takes care of the housework – not to my level of expertise, but I’m not complaining or I would still be trying to catch up on everything a week later.

It is hard for me to find myself as important.

That’s why I give up my free time first. That’s why I put myself on the back burner. Yet, these actions are the same ones that leave me feeling overwhelmed and insignificant.

Ironic, huh?

That’s the same reason reason why I do it. As I feel the walls caving in, I don’t understand what’s happening and why. I’m spending time with my family, which I love. I’m working a business, which I love. I’m changing lives, which I love. I’m living a life that I have created from my dream world – why would I not be okay with that, why would my world fall apart because of that?

I don’t understand all the things that make me tick, but I do understand that it is important, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, to put yourself first. Despite the love and passion you have for other aspects of your life you can’t dedicate yourself completely to them if your not yourself.

Earlier I mentioned my husband and how much he helps me during my times of need but the following are the ways I personally like to recharge and I would love to hear the ways that you help recharge yourself!

Meditation & Nature always fuels the soul!

How would you think about a course being put together specifically about self care?
I think I may provide this as a freebie for clients signing up this month!

Until next time!

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