My household is male dominated.

This means lots and lots of pizza! I’m sure my husband thinks that he is a ninja turtle and can live off of pizza.

Dad is Kaleb’s hero – so of course he does everything that dad does, which means more pizza.

The only thing is ordering pizza in is the hardest temptation for me on my journey, but it can also get expensive getting the right pizza for everyone. (Kevin likes Hawaiian. Kaleb likes Onion and Mushroom with extra cheese, I like Margherita!)

So we started a Pizza Night at home!


This way its on track with my meal plan, it saves money, and we can all make our own pizzas!

This recipe I showed on my IG Stories friday, I just made on big Margherita pizza but you can easily break it up!

Today I am sharing my Pizza Dough Recipe & My Favorite Pesto recipe that I like to use when making a vegan friendly pizza.

Pizza Dough:
3/4c Warm Water
1tsp Sugar
1 pkg Yeast
2 1/2c Flour
2TB Olive Oil

Combine Water, Sugar, and Yeast together in a bowl, let sit about 5 minutes, until yeast is frothy.
Add in Flour, Oil, and Salt, mixing together thoroughly.
Once all combined, place dough on a slightly floured counter and start kneading until dough is smooth and stretchy.
Bundle together and let sit in bowl to rise for one hour.

When ready, roll out dough as desired and bake on a cookie sheet at 425 for 30 minutes.

Add Desired toppings and bake 5-10 minutes.

Use this red sauce to stay within the meal plan.
*Save on prep time by making the crust before hand and freezing!

My Favorite Pesto:

1c Cooled Cooked Broccoli
2 Handfuls cooked Kale leaves
1/4c Sunflower Seeds
2 Cloves Garlic
2TB Lemon Juice
3TB Olive Oil

Combine together in food processor, pulse until mixed.

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