I Fell In by Tiffany Winters [Book Review]


When Tiffany reached out to me on Instagram to read this book, I was beyond excited to read it, but I never expected to be this moved by a story and feel compelled to share it to the World. Usually I will give my high and low points and a quick reasoning why you will love it, but not with “I Fell In”. It manages to bring to life the real life struggles and traumas that people go through that is not spoken about.

These days more and more people are bringing awareness to Mental Health, addiction, and self care – some things that I align with and am passionate about myself, but I never expected to find it so accurately portrayed in literature. This book is mostly true based off of Tiffany’s personal experiences and that is what brings this book to life and portray the emotions and feelings within those relationships so accurately.

As I said Tiffany reached out to me to read this book and I was ecstatic to start reading, but I knew nothing besides the Title of the book and that it was a romance novel. I didn’t have the cover photo, nothing. I also chose to NOT look the book up and experience it all first hand.

With in the first chapter I connected with Jessa, I understood her balancing marriage, career, and life. I related to the struggle of conception and more importantly I knew exactly those feelings she had inside how she would analyze every situation and figure out how she needed to fix it and make it perfect.

When she goes back home for her High School reunion and reconnects with her first love, I was no longer reading the book but living within the pages, like a fly on the wall in the life of Jessa Petrillo.

Her whirlwind romance is Truman Miller had me feeling every single emotion and feeling the heat come off of the pages as the sex scenes began. Every aspect of their relationship came to life within me and resonated with similarities to my own personal relationships, I felt the confidence and love as well as those negative feelings that I just brushed off and ignored.

Most importantly, the internal struggle that Jessa went through and how she handled the situations were much like I did, but I found myself looking for confirmation for my actions based off of hers and that is when I realized just how often these relationships are not spoken about often in such a way to relate to.  Many times when emotional abuse, addiction, and mental illness are portrayed in relationships, the relationship ends with a quick and easy explanation of how you deserve better but anyone who has been in that situation you know its not that easy. You don’t see the other person as a villain, you see the illness, the disease, as the villain and your spouse as a victim. You see that you are the bit of normalcy in their life and feel guilty and selfish to simply walk away.

Tiffany explains this so perfectly with in these pages, she portrays the situation in the way that only someone who has been in that situation can and shares the undeniable love as well as the heartbreaking devastation.

As you continue to read you will find yourself hoping and expecting certain outcomes, but you will be surprised! You will go through the internal struggles with Jessa and feel torn with the emotions going on and find yourself sitting at the cross in the road wondering which path to take, but find that the only true answer is when you fall into yourself and stop being everything for everyone, but instead be something for yourself and the right path will appear.

After reading this book it allowed me to not only just feel all those emotions but also gave me that realization that I can’t be the person who is there to fix everything for everyone else, but I needed to take care of myself first and foremost and everything else will fall in place.

This book resonated so much with not only for the similarities that I had with Jessa, but also with the fact that the subject was finally spoken about in such an honest and true way.

I truly believe this is a book everyone should read because I know a lot of people who have found themselves in the webs of similar relationships without guidance on where to go or the fear of judgement from someone else, in this book it is portrayed in such an authentic way that I feel will truly help people realize that they are not alone, this isn’t something that is only on their shoulders, and there isn’t just a simple cut and dry answer.

You should definitely check this book out!

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