My Truth On Discrimination.

Being a woman of mixed race, I have faced my fair share of discrimination, but I never realized it. It was just a part of life. I learned to accept that because I was a girl there were somethings that I will need to work harder at. I learned that because of my skin color that I may be targeted or have to prove myself first.
No, this isn’t fair, but when you face it on a regular basis, it becomes a normal.

When I was sixteen years old I was taken out of my car at gun point, actually this was the first time I was ever pulled over.
As my hands were on the hood of my car they asked me where I got the vehicle, why it was legally owned by a 50 year old white man, and what I was planning on doing with it. After I answered all their questions and granted them permission to search my car, I was free to go.
At the time, I didn’t realize this wasn’t the normal practice when you got pulled over, but when I started to share it I was shocked by the amount of people that would just tell me that my experience didn’t happen because “Racism doesn’t exist.” or that “You must’ve asked for it in someway.”
These responses just made me feel even worse about a situation that had already scared me, so I didn’t speak out.

Discrimination is personal, it affects everyone and as long as we ignore it, justify it, or oppress others because you don’t want to believe that that could really happen. It will continue to be a problem.
I really struggled in writing this post because I wanted to share my stories, I wanted to share the oppression I have experienced, the depression and anxiety I have dealt with, and the battle with not feeling worthy to myself that all stemmed from my experiences, but that’s not going to make a difference, it’s not going to make a change.

The change will come when we can all accept and love ourselves for who we are. When we can listen to others with an open mind and open heart and acknowledge that we’re all different, we all struggle, and we’re all working together to make this World a better place.

I would love to know your thoughts and feelings on Discrimination and also any other oppressed topics you would like me to cover!

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