Tis The Season For Cookies!

It’s not a healthy recipe, but it’s the season for cookies if there ever was one!

Sugar cookies are one of my favorite cookies, but I get frustrated with the chilling and always ending up with sub-par cookies! Then I came across this recipe and it’s truly the best!
You know I like to share my own recipes – but Katrina not only has the best recipe but she even has tips to make it better and you can’t get better than that!

This is the first time that I was able to have delicious sugar cookies! The recipe was easy, the cutting was simple and every single one turned out PERFECT!

Seriously, the only struggle I had was letting my three year old son help me cut them out.

I’ll stick to letting him decorate them in future times. haha!

I didn’t put frosting on mine, I just sprinkled some decorative sugar on them and they were perfect!!!

Go to In Katrina’s Kitchen and check out this recipe and her other amazing recipes! (I’ll be trying them out along the way!)

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