I live with my husband and son in Seattle, Wa. The Pacific Northwest is a magical place you can never get anywhere else and though I plan to venture away – it will always be home.

My mission to end depression and empower others stem from my childhood. I spent those formidable years of my life processing death, loss, and depression. As I was trying to learn my own reactions, my own emotions, and my own impulses – I’m processing the most traumatic moments in my families lives.

As an adult I found myself on life’s merry – go – round. I had a job that was just enough to keep me above water – but constantly wondering if I would go under. I had no self confidence in myself or what I was doing and was convinced that I was destined to struggle for ever. After a decade of self sabotage – I finally faced the truth that there was a bigger problem at play.

Resetting my mindset took a year of learning to accept myself for who I am and to embrace it, then working on different techniques to overcome numerous limiting beliefs. It is a constant journey that gets easier every single day.

I believe that we all go through everything in our lives for a reason and I knew that I needed to embrace my struggles, my passion for writing, my creative mind, and use it to make a difference and help others find their way to greatness.