I never know what to say for these things – because I have so many layers!

I was introduced to grief at a young age and have battled with anxiety and depression while trying to understand what was going on and what I was feeling. For the longest time I did everything in my power to keep me busy and to keep my mind busy so I never had to spend time on my own with my own thoughts – but eventually I faced that demon and that’s what led me to do what I am doing today to help others and provide content in an easy and fun way!

My depression and anxiety is managed, through that journey I have also overcome different addictions; work, nicotine, and food. I have battled gestational diabetes and took my health back into my own hands.

Coffee, books, and music are priorities in my life. One day I will be a New York Times Bestselling author. <– It WILL happen.

My family is key. They are my support system and who are always there for me when I need them and better yet, when I don’t. My husband shows me unconditional love – even when I’m at my lowest! My son teaches me how to live everyday while having me experience every emotion known to humankind.