Tis The Season For Cookies!

It's not a healthy recipe, but it's the season for cookies if there ever was one! Sugar cookies are one of my favorite cookies, but I get frustrated with the chilling and always ending up with sub-par cookies! Then I came across this recipe and it's truly the best! You know I like to share … Continue reading Tis The Season For Cookies!

My Truth On Discrimination.

Being a woman of mixed race, I have faced my fair share of discrimination, but I never realized it. It was just a part of life. I learned to accept that because I was a girl there were somethings that I will need to work harder at. I learned that because of my skin color … Continue reading My Truth On Discrimination.

All Things Pumpkin!

I love me some pumpkin! I will eat it all year long - but when it comes to that sweet pumpkin spice deliciousness, I reserve that for just the fall season. There is nothing like Pumpkin Deliciousness for breakfast paired with Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend coffee on a dreary morning! I'm going to share with you … Continue reading All Things Pumpkin!

Cyber Monday!

This year was the first year that I went out on Black Friday. Usually, I would be working the day after Thanksgiving, but not this year! We actually went out in the afternoon and only picked up two items at a great price, but in all honesty, even if they weren't on sale we would've … Continue reading Cyber Monday!

Today, I’m Thankful!

There is always so many things to be grateful for and I love that we have this holiday to give thanks but more times than not, we end up stressed out, frustrated and just wanting all the food - or is that just me? This year I am thankful for some many things, but most … Continue reading Today, I’m Thankful!